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Fabric makes awesome saddles

To be honest with you, my ass is happier now.

Not long ago, I added Fabric ( to my list of favorite brands when my new No. 22 ( Broken Arrow CX bike came with one of their saddles. I'm sure everyone knows how awful that feeling is when you sit on an saddle for hours and miles of biking and all you feel is pain. That hasn't been the case since. I have taken this bike through a couple hundred miles of dirt, trails, rain and general abuse, and have done it all very comfortably. Because I wanted a smoother ride all the time, I ended up swapping for fabric on all of my bikes.

Today, my friend Simon @twowheelrodeo got a Fabric saddle for his cross bike. I couldn’t be more excited to shoot him getting rad on it, while putting me through a class of how to mash through sand.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them.

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