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2017 USA Cyclocross National Championship

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cyclocross races are some of my favorite races to spectate and photograph. On January 8th, I had the chance to attend the final day of the 2017 USA Cyclocross Championshiom, held in Connecticut. The six races that took place on that day were Men U-23, Women U-23, Junior Women, Junior Men, Elite Women, and Elite Men. Basically, top of the food chain in Cyclocross racing.

The days prior had brought various weather conditions, including fresh snow the day before which made for a very exciting series of events. Racers had to really test their technical skills on the course, more so than usual. What started as a snowy track, turned icy as temperatures dropped and muddy as riders continued going through. I was speechless watching some of these top adults and young adults combating against what has to have been one of the coldest and toughest races. Whether they finished or not, they deserve to be congratulated for making it so far.

It is tough to know everyone's name in the community but you could see they were all ready to race and show off their skills. One of my favorite events to watch was the men’s Elite race, which was a very close one. With Stephen Hyde ( Cannondale Cyclocrossworld) holding the first position for most of the race, he suffered a flat somewhere along the last lap and a broken rear derailleur on the last climb. Still determined, Stephen ran up the last hill and descended into the finish line securing 1st place with the next person only 2 seconds!

To all riders, congratulations! This was an event of a lifetime.

I hope you also enjoy the event by checking out some of my photos from the CX NATS 2017 (below)

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